Golden Chariot


My first reaction when I see a girl driving is to pull over, you never know what might happen. When even the gods are wary of the fury of fairer sex, its utterly ridiculous to question their might.

I once saw a may defying the will of the lords. He was driving straight and there came a angel riding on her heavenly chariot, a pink colored pep+, and bang! the man was struck from the side, near the junction. One look at the scene and I came to a conclusion that it must have been the angel’s ride coming from a thin road, not noticing a mere mortal riding and there was crash. Oh no, I don’t intend to say that it was ‘her’ mistake, it wasn’t, after all she is ‘woman’, how can it be her mistake.

Nevertheless, when there was a crash about twenty of ‘her’ well wishers, who were having chat and gol-guppa on the road stall, came rushing to her aid. They lifted her and asking all sorts of questions about her well being, not caring about a young man lying on the road. When somehow ‘he’ managed to get back to his feet, our little angle came rushing to him accusing of driving rashly, and hell broke loose there. All ‘her’ well wishers found it utterly satisfying to beat that poor mortal who had offended their goddess, but mind you that mortal was just ‘driving on a straight road’, but made a mistake of not noticing great pink chariot coming out of a thin road.

When the scene ended, there was a one young man with torn clothes and injuries, riding a tattered bike to a hospital. Why?

Because Goddess willed it!

So next time, if you are anywhere near a great chariot, ridden by a beautiful angel, just be wary of the fact that, beneath the beauty lies great power. The power of being a ‘woman’.

Pull over, and wait for it to pass, as I do. That’s your safe bet.

PS: No pun intended!