Hello & welcome to my website/blog.

Who are you?
It is a philosophical debated that that will just take too long.

What is your name?
It is pretty evident in the logo on left hand side of this page.

What do you do?
I am a software engineer working for a company called Unbxd. I primarily work on Search and related technology (Lucene). I also work with bunch of other stuffs that is needed alongside the core search infrastructure.
I have designed a few things which are being used right now in production. (eg. CMS for Search UI, Distributed Task Schedular etc.)

I am a fan of Golang and I wish every single code was written in it. :)

What is your github URL?
Here you go http://github.com/uknth. I also have a Bitbucket URL https://bitbucket.org/uknth/

Why the website?
Basically it is a place where I am going to put my thoughts and observations for my own recollection, but if it helps someone; that would be event better.
Also it serves as platform, for me to demonstrate my work.

How is this website built?
This website is running Ghost as CMS, and its my own customized theme. I have used Bootstrap as the base for the theme(taken from here. Credit: Thomas Park)
The website is currently hosted on Amazon AWS (EC2) t2.Medium instance and is running nginx with reverse proxy to ghost running on forever.

What should we expect from this blog?
The blog will mostly be about the thing I would be working at the moment. i.e. Tech. At times it might be mood pieces & opinions, but that will be rare.