About Me

Who am I?

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I am an architect at Unbxd.

I have worked in variety of roles from customer relations to product development. I have wide range of experience in various domains.

Although, I am currently in a leadership role, I still prefer being the OG engineer who grew with the org and developed the system which runs the heart of the business.


I have more than 5000 hours on DOTA2, but my first love was Age of Empires 2.

I prefer RTS & MOBA over FPS, however, I have won multiple tournaments in CS:Source.

I have a kickass gaming rig, assembled on my own.


In any party, you will find me behind the bar counter, making drinks for everyone.

I occasionally cook.

Married to @PinxBorah


I am desperately trying to learn guitar. I own three.

  • Ibanez Acoustic
  • Fender Squire
  • Schecter Demon 6

When not playing guitar, I like to read.

And also, MCU ftw!